handmade jewelry by metalsmith carrie fosbinder

Worked primarily from sterling silver with occasional semi-precious accent stones, the jewelry in this line is heirloom quality.  The design process is based around the creating and organizing of components. It involves chance and lots of rearranging.  Once the composition hits the right chord, it’s painstakingly soldered, filed, and textured.  The style is generally clean, modern, and a little biologically organic. Pieces are rarely duplicated, although concepts for a limited production line are being considered.

Ms. Fosbinder was born in Nashville, TN, earned her BFA in Metals from Savannah College of Art and Design, and apprenticed with Atlanta jeweler Regina Imbsweiler (imbsweiler.com).  She currently lives and works in Chicago’s Logan Square.  She also works as a postpartum doula and enjoys gardening, good beer, good food, and her cat.  Her celebrity crushes include Nick Cave and Tina Fey.


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